Design and production of Custom-made sofas also based on the customer's design, starting from the beech frame to the finished product, choosing the materials and the fabric that best suits its environment together with the customer.

Interventions on your old sofa ranging from the simple lining to the total makeover including padding. We are able to operate on any model even with springs by applying artisan upholstery techniques.

The first phase of construction begins with the choice of fabric, a choice that ranges from a wide range of prestigious fabrics ranging from the most classic to the most modern.

Expert hands then design and cut to obtain a package that is always cared for down to the smallest detail. All accompanied by a wide range of luxurious, refined, contemporary chic trimmings and with precious details, often decorated and handmade, for an accent in more fashion.   

Combining soft cushions hand-sewn by professionals in the field of haute couture and hand-crafted upholstery 
means creating a refined context in which every detail contributes to creating an overall view that reveals 
elegance and good taste.


The carpets are useful to generate a different perception of heat, through their presence they heat rooms, thus leading to a more balanced use of heating. 

JAB, SARTORI, design rugs in which modern style meets the craftsmanship of the bill.   

The processing can be done entirely by hand and entrusted to skilled artisans who create delicate and elegant weaves, with natural colors, extracted from leaves, herbs and roots, according to ancient techniques.


Tomarchio Tendaggi of Angela Tomarchio


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